About Me

What led me to develop the website was the premature birth of my son. He was born at 28 weeks, weighed 2lbs. 5oz and was 14.5” long. There was nothing normal about the birthing process. When you have a baby, you don’t expect the doctors to whisk him away and your first visit is in the NICU, connected to machines, tubes and IV’s. This was extremely scary and stressful. During my visits to the NICU for seven weeks, I vowed to create an organization for women with preemie babies.

As the Journey with my son evolved, Dynamicmom transformed into an organization to support mothers with special needs children. I had finally found my purpose in life and it is truly amazing. I have met countless mothers, experiencing the same struggles and feeling that I was going through.

Dynamic Mom, is a social networking community dedicated to all MOMS with special needs children. Raising a special needs child sometimes makes you feel isolated and alone but there are mothers out there just like you to connect with, discuss your feelings openly in a save environment. We are all truly DYNAMIC Mothers and we have to keep each other lifted at all times!

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