Speech and the Spelling Bee

by Karla Barnett on February 17, 2016

Last summer, I was looking through the listings of camps for JB and I came across an in-home speech therapist. Immediately, I reached out to Ms. Carol from Integrated Speech Therapy Solutions and felt this will be a perfect fit for him. She asked all the right questions and her approach was exactly what we needed.

Typically, when we went to speech, it consisted of an evaluation, followed by sessions that yielded very little progress. I explained to her the areas we were focusing on and the goals my husband and I, as well as previous speech therapists, had established. With that info, Ms. Carol developed a phenomenal plan. As stated earlier, the typical process for speech is an initial evaluation, followed by scheduled speech appointments. The process Carol uses consists of the following methodology:

What I loved about Integrated Speech Therapy Solutions was that she came in with a solid plan and immediately started working on solutions. He (Jonathan) was totally engaged and eager to work hard. After each session, she provided me with a comprehensive summary and home work. He now has many methods of effectively communicating. One method, that he started on his own, is spelling the words as a reinforcement. If he feels you don’t understand him, he will spell or write out the words and then repeat it back to you. We found that he is a great speller! One day my little man will win a spelling bee!

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