Inspirational personal story posted by my neighbor!

by Karla Barnett on August 2, 2011

I just want to write a few words of encouragement for those of you with young children facing this diagnosis. My son grew up with an extremely severe case of SPD. He had been diagnosed with everything from Autism to PDD to mental retardation, and had severe developmental delays due to his sensory integration and processing disorders…. He had years of therapy from OT to PT to Speech and Vision therapy and many years of special ed. I just want to say that he is a perfectly normal 20 year old. My advice to those of you living through this is just love and enjoy your child the way s/he is. I think the goal is to help your child rather than try to “fix” him or her to fit in.

Just to give you some idea what it was like, my son was extremely hyperactive, a head basher, non-verbal, fearless, seemingly impervious to pain with no impulse control. He was on Ritalin by the age of 3. He was almost 6 when I got him toilet trained, about 8 before he could help dress himself, and almost 12 before he could tie his shoes. His IQ tested consistently in the 60s well into his elementary years, and his developmental pediatrician insisted I was in denial for not facing his mental retardation. By high school, he was in regular education, with an above average IQ, and he graduated Cum Laud with a 3.4 GPA. I hope this is inspiring to some of you!

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