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Sule December 10, 2015 at 10:34 am

Thanks for your thoughtful coemmnt Kirk. I hope I did not sound self-righteous or dogmatic. Please understand that just as parents sometimes reach for drugs only in desperation, there are horrendous experiences families have had because the powers that be, meaning the intrusion of the police powers of the state, definitely weigh in on the side of those who agree with your viewpoint that some kids are helped by being drugged. In my case, my marriage broke up in part over this issue. It was not my choice to end up in court, nor would I ever expect such an overworked bureaucracy to be sensitive enough to comprehend the issues involved. When my ex-wife’s attorney sensed that the judge was a reactionary who was sympathetic to the cut and dried medical approach, she used my sincere opposition to my son’s being drugged to take away all my parental rights. This even though I was a very involved dad, who the family therapist described as my son’s primary parent. My son was off and on medication, always hating it, until he was old enough at age 12 to put his foot down and refuse to take it anymore. The pressure to take drugs continued, and was a major factor in destroying his experience of school, year after year in public school, a mainstream private boarding school, and a therapeutic day school. His mother then proceeded to file another court complaint against me two years after the divorce, attempting to cut my son off totally from any contact with me, because she blamed me for his choice not to take drugs. The damage that has been done to his psyche and to the relationships because of the mythology around these drugs and the intense pressure to take them is incalculable.I did not mean to imply that you or any of the parents in this community want kids to sit quietly and shut up. But what I am talking about is a radical approach in which kids are never compelled to sit at a desk, and learn only what they are interested in. This type of schooling, called democratic free school, has had great success with kids like my son. Unfortunately, he will never get to attend such a school because of the way in which our family structure has been damaged by court. I realize this alternative is not widely available, but I do not understand the willingness to medicate before such an approach, even one as radical as this, has been tried. There is nothing sacred about school as we know it. Humans did very well for thousands of years without school and without Ritalin.As for the effects of the drugs, what I notice is that most parents, including you and those who have coemmnted here, refer only to the short-term effects when discussing the downside, as revealed by all the talk of side effects . The real risk is in the long term, and the safety studies, which by the way are paid for and run by the drug companies themselves, run no longer than 18 weeks. Please, please, if you are considering these drugs, you have to really dig to find out more.


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