Mommies little helper!

by Karla Barnett on January 12, 2012

Ever since we decided to take on picky eating and utilize the tools and techniques provided by Jonathan’s therapist, we quickly realized that we have additional help. As I explained in an earlier post, the process consists of going through a food hierarchy which will eventually allow my son to be comfortable with new food choices. With each new food choice, the goal is to get him to touch, lick, kiss and eat. Sounds simple enough but it’s a struggle if you have sensory issues and you view most foods as the enemy.

My 23 month old daughter became quite interested in this eating technique. We observed her touching and kissing her food when we prompted her brother to. After the first full day of utilizing the feeding process, Jazzy picks her waffle and hands it to her brother and said, “Kiss the waffle Jonathan”. By the end of the meal, she was placing the rest of her food on his plate saying, “here you go Jonathan”! Now while we thought this was a nice gesture and realized she was trying to be helpful, Jonathan did not quite see it that way. Her assisting us in the process made him extremely frustrated. He perceived it as her teasing him.

It has been a full week on the new eating plan. I must say, crackers are still out of the meal plan and we will now utilize them as a reward. He has touched and kissed 5 new foods! I spoke to his therapist and she suggested narrowing down the food choices to 5 instead of offering him something new each meal (She is able to successfully get him to try new foods). This will allow him to become comfortable with the texture and flavors. If he eats the food choices offered, he will be rewarded with a cracker. Next week, we will begin videotaping his therapy sessions and watch each session as a family.

Today, day seven, has proven to be the most frustrated I have seen him since we’ve started. I have to keep reminding myself that his eating will improve, and I will look back at these times and realize it was a step we had to conquer on our journey.

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