Moms need to schedule time for yourselves!

by Karla Barnett on June 10, 2011

I decided today to start taking better care of myself.  In order to be all that we can to our kids and husbands, we need to ensure that we are keeping ourselves up.  I have noticed a significant change in my appearance and I really don’t like what I see.   The day to day regimen can really consume you mentally.  The countless therapy sessions and doctors appointments can take a toll on you and burn you out.  It is imperative that we recharge our batteries on regular basis.   I established goals for myself:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Exercise 4 times a week
  3. Schedule a special day for me~Pedicure, manicure and eyebrow wax
  4. Pray on a regular basis

We as mothers spend so much of our time making sure our families needs are met and we tend to forget our own.

Make sure you take time for you!!!!  Start today!

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