Dynamickids~Pepsi Refresh Project

by Karla Barnett on May 5, 2011

Pepsi Refresh Project selected my idea to develop a play center for special needs children.

DynamicKids will be an exciting, safe alternative to ‘typical’ indoor play area. The facility will have a play scape, sensory room, soft play equipment and more.  It is designed especially for children with special need.  To kids, we are a giant playground, and as they play, are getting part of their ‘sensory diet’.  Leading occupational therapists recommend that parents, working in conjunction with teachers and other therapists, develop a daily “sensory diet” that complements a child’s structured therapy.

By voting for my idea, you will assist me in getting one step closer to my dream of providing state of the art play center for kids with special needs and an opportunity to be awarded $50k for the equipment from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Feel free to share with all your friends and encourage them to vote!

Thank you all in advance!


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by Karla Barnett on February 18, 2011

Sometimes you truly need to let go and let God!!!  My husband has been telling me this since we began our journey with Jonathan.  It use to really make me mad because I did not think that he understood what I was going through or helping me.  I now believe I was angry because I did not know what it meant or how to let go and let God.   I was too busy focusing on how I felt and not trying to understand the journey God had placed me on.  I had the typical prayers requesting God to take me out this situation and heal my son RIGHT NOW!  God had already given me the promise that Jonathan is healed but I wanted it to happen on my time and not His.

After nearly three years, I now realize what my purpose is and why God placed me on this Journey.   Going through this journey has allowed me to increase my faith and realize that my strength comes from God.  I should always turn my burdens over to Him as I cannot resolve them on my own.     I plan to dedicate the rest of my life to supporting mothers with special needs children and providing sensory based play centers where the kids will feel comfortable.

Now that I have let go and let God, the manifestation is beginning to soar.  In the past week, Jonathan has began speaking over 50 words and increased the number of foods he is willing to try by 6. His behavior has improved dramatically.  He is becoming a loving, affectionate little boy.

As you go through whatever trial God has placed you in, always remember there is a purpose to the journey and you cannot dictate the timeframe.  Without a test you cannot have a testimony……..


Mothers Instinct

by Karla Barnett on January 14, 2011

When Jonathan was  14 months corrected age, I approached his pediatrician regarding his speech, gross and fine motor skills.  She kept insisting that his motor skills and speech were delayed due to him being a preemie.  It wasn’t until I had him evaluated by early on and the results showed that he was delayed in all three areas that she agreed to provide me with a script for Occupational Therapy.  I asked for scripts for speech and physical therapy and she indicated he did not need it.   I should have immediately began my search for a new pediatrician as my instinct told me that she is not proactive.  I finally took the plunge when Jonathan was 2 1/2 and set up a consult with his new pediatrician and within 5 minutes of our visit she indicated that he needed  physical therapy.

He started PT and his therapist indicated that he could possibly require braces to due to his flat feet.  She referred me to a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Pediatrician to validate her recommendation.  The PMR validated the need for braces.  The PMR explained  that flat feet if not properly looked after may cause long term effects to the child because our feet are made in a unique way such that they are able to evenly manage the forces as a result of our body weight and when this balance is not met various complications arise.    She also conveyed that is important for children to get fitted for braces while their bones are malleable.  Left untreated his feet could cause deformities in their feet.

Always use your mothers  instinct.  God gave it to us for a reason!


The Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis

by Karla Barnett on December 31, 2010

My son was born at 28 weeks, weighting 2.5 lbs and 14.5 inches. Initially, he seemed to be hitting all his milestones based on his corrected age which is gestational age – the number of weeks an infant is premature. I decided to contact Early On when Jonathan was 11 months corrected age after noticing significant gross/fine motor and speech delays and quirky behaviors. Early On conducted an evaluation and based on the results determined that he needed Occupation and Physical Therapy.


What Is Sensory Processing Disorder

by Karla Barnett on December 22, 2010



Sensory processing disorder or dysfunction (SPD) is a neurological disorder that results from the brain’s inability to integrate certain information received from the body’s five basic sensory systems. These sensory systems are responsible for detecting sights, sounds, smell, tastes, temperatures, pain, and the position and movements of the body. The brain then forms a combined picture of this information in order for the body to make sense of its surroundings and react to them appropriately. The ongoing relationship between behavior and brain functioning is called sensory processing (SP), a theory that was first pioneered by A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D., OTR in the 1960s.