Today was a good day!

by Karla Barnett on January 29, 2012

A friend/neighbor has an amazing blog entitled Everyday Highs and Lows. She writes about the ups and downs she experiences raising twins, one with Type 1 diabetes and one without. We went to breakfast a few weeks ago and had the most amazing conversation about both of our situations. We had no idea what each other was going through, with our sons, yet we live right next door. Although our situations are extremely different, we totally related to one another. I was surprised to discover that we shared many of the same feelings.

She has always extended herself to me, including us on play dates and offering to keep my kids. We went on play dates, but on many occasions ended up leaving due to a meltdown. I never took her up on her offer to keep Jonathan because I didn’t think she would understand his quirky behaviors, but honestly, I did not want her judging him. The reluctance I felt was not specific to her, but to anyone who took care of Jonathan and this included family. I would always become extremely stressed out whenever I had someone watch my little guy. What I have found in my feighbor (friend/neighbor) over the years is that she does not have a judgmental bone in her body and is the type of person that you want to have in your friendship circle.

The title of her blog describes my life to a letter. All the blogs I have written thus far have pointed to everyday lows. Despite the fact that I was unable to attend church this morning because of sick kids, I consider today as one of my everyday HIGHS. I had detailed out the entire morning to include learning/therapeutic activities and unstructured play. I felt positive today would be a productive for my son. The question is will he cooperate with my plan?

What I have noticed as of late is that Jonathan has been spelling several words. His pronunciation of words improves when spells the word out first. The first speech activity I had planned for him was to work on his expressive language. We went through 40 cards/puzzles, first spelling the word, then pronouncing while pointing to the picture. Next we went through the same set of cards/puzzles, spelling the word and he had to provide me with pronunciation as I covered the picture. He nailed 98% of the words and the pronunciation significantly improved by the time we reached the end of the exercise. He was so proud of himself and me of him!!!

It was time to move on to our OT activities which included working on fine motor(writing, threading beads, squeezing play dough, cutting vegetables, completing puzzles, placing rice pieces in a medicine container) and gross motor (jumping in the bounce house, pushing heavy cart around, pushups, sit ups, swinging and playing on an exercise ball). He cooperated with my plan, as I made sure he felt as if we were playing versus working. Once we completed our final OT activity, he wanted to go back to work on spelling and pronunciation. I pulled out the iPad, fired up spelling and flashcard apps and back to work we went.

Jonathan is a visual learner and I always need to ensure that the tools I have in my box keep him challenged! What he is accomplishing at age 4 is amazing. Continuous education and understanding his learning style will allow him to reach potential beyond my wildest dream!!! The sky is the limit for son!

I do realize each day will not go as smooth as today, but that is all a part of the journey. I can plan on the exact same activities tomorrow and he may not cooperate as he did this morning. No matter what happens the balance of the day, I have the morning to keep me on my Everyday High!!! Today was an amazing day!

What are some of your Everyday Highs and Lows?

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Shari January 30, 2012 at 12:23 am

Karla, my feighbor, you are way to nice to me! But truth be told it is I who are among the lucky ones. Your strength both physical and mental are immeasurable! God has placed Jonathon in your hands to teach and guide. He did not offer him to me or to anyone else, just you. You are lucky to be given such an amazing person! Jonathon will touch this world in ways none of us can imagine. Your recording it along the way will be his gift from you. If u want to know the truth, when I would see Jonathan in our driveways playing I really thought he was just shy. I never saw or noticed anything else. You both are as amazing as they come! Thanks for saying such nice things about me. I am humbled.


Yuki December 10, 2015 at 11:34 am

Ah now you see the interesting ecfeft of time travel: the article came from the future, and as such, I already KNEW you were going to change your name to Siego. The REAL question now is: would you have changed your name if I did NOT bring this article back from the future?Seriously now, my apologies, I made a few changes already.


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